EUAM continues supporting road safety initiatives in Ukraine

May 30, 2022

How exactly is road safety ensured under martial law? What are the current challenges for the patrol police? Representatives of the EU Advisory Mission received answers to these and other questions during the All-Ukrainian online conference “Road Safety under Martial Law,” organized by the Donetsk State University of Internal Affairs on 27 May 2022. 

The representatives of ministries, government and commercial structures, the scientific and educational community of Ukraine, and public organisations participated in the conference to study how to adapt current legislation to ensure road safety during wartime. The participants suggested mechanisms to overcome and prevent the main challenges in road safety sector, which are currently facing the patrol police, government agencies, and Ukrainians in general. 

According to the speakers, road safety under martial law can be ensured only by joint efforts of authorities, the civil security sector, public administration, the scientific community, civil society, and the international community. “We will win the war and save lives on the roads only by joint efforts!” – the organisers highlighted.