Our mandate and priorities

Our Mandate

The Mission’s mandate  is to support Ukraine in its commitment to civilian security sector reform. EUAM Ukraine mentors, advises and supports relevant Ukrainian partners such as the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Police in the elaboration of security strategies and the subsequent implementation of comprehensive and cohesive reform efforts. The Mission’s support is delivered through a framework for reform planning and implementation. The focus is on building sustainable civilian security services delivering the rule of law in a manner that contributes to enhanced legitimacy and increased public trust in full respect for human rights and consistent with the constitutional reform process.

EUAM Ukraine was established in 2014. The current mandate runs from 2021-2024, however, was substantially adjusted in 2023 to take into account Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, as well as Ukraine’s EU candidate status. International Crimes and support in territories liberated from Russian occupation are key areas of focus under the adjusted mandate. EUAM also advises Ukrainian partners on civilian security sector measures that contribute to Ukraine’s EU integration.

Our Priorities

EUAM Ukraine has five priorities through which it supports reform of Ukraine’s civilian security sector.

Our Cross-Cutting Measures

EUAM focuses on four «cross-cutting measures» each of which is integrated into the Mission’s five priority areas.

Our Lines of Operation

EUAM Ukraine’s mandate is implemented through three lines of operation:

Strategic advice on civilian security sector reform, in particular, to develop strategic documents and legislation;

Support for the implementation of reforms through the delivery of practical advice, training, projects, and equipment donations;

Cooperation and coordination to ensure coherence of reform efforts between Ukrainian and international actors.