Our priorities

Criminal investigation

Criminal Investigation is strengthening the ability to fight organised crime and corruption. Every state needs strong criminal investigation capabilities in order to preserve the rule of law and protect its citizens against crime. Investigating crime in a transparent and professional way also strengthens the entire democratic process and builds public trust.

EUAM supports pre-trial criminal investigation agencies such as the National Police, National Anti-Corruption Bureau, Security Service of Ukraine, and the State Fiscal Service tackle serious organised crime such as forensic, cyber crime, drug crime, financial and economic crime, and corruption.

The objectives of criminal-investigation reform include increasing the efficiency of the above agencies and the General Prosecutor’s Office, strengthening criminal investigations, and eliminating corruption. Together with the National Police and other international partners, EUAM has also established a working group on criminal investigation, which is focusing on issues such as delineation of investigative powers, intelligence-based criminal policing, training in criminal policing, the creation of an Electronic Criminal Case Management System, and creation of a witness protection programme.