September 2022

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EUAM returns to Odesa to support law enforcement agencies on the ground 

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War in Ukraine: the donations of the EU Advisory Mission to Ukrainian civilian authorities
Effective and reformed Ukraine’s law enforcement sector is a precondition of country’s success

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Russian invasion: EUAM helps the National Police to stay resilient

#AgentsofChange – Ove Pettersson, EUAM Adviser and Trainer on Community Policing

"I like being a Gender Focal Point in EUAM Ukraine. Meeting with women’s organisations, as we have been doing here in Lviv this week, and discussing safety and security from a gender perspective helps to broaden your views as a police officer.."

Ove Pettersson,
EUAM Adviser and Trainer on Community Policing
“In my previous job experience in an international Mission, we once had a flat tyre. The two men changed the tyre, and the two women waited. I was thinking: ‘Wouldn’t it be more equal if one man and one woman would change the tyre?’ We were all from different EU countries, and I understand that not everyone has the same ideas as we have in Sweden about gender equality!

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With the war raging on, EUAM advises Ukraine on the challenges on its western borders

EUAM continues to adapt its Border Support Activity and focuses on advising Ukrainian border guards and customs officers

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EUAM continues and enhances cooperation with universities of internal affairs

EU Advisory Mission Ukraine (EUAM) continues to support Law enforcement agencies(LEA) by enhancing cooperation and developing synergies with educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Providing training and raising awareness in fundamental areas, such as human resources management and leadership to young cadets, strategically contributes to the development of the necessary skills for future police officers and LEA leaders. EUAM stands firmly within its mandate in supporting Ukraine on its European path.
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