July 2022

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EUAM facilitates donation by the EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo for the Ukrainian border guards

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EU delivers IT equipment and software to National Police of Ukraine to strengthen criminal analysis capacity
EU equips Ukraine’s law enforcement agencies with world-class first aid kits

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Women in Policing: EUAM shares EU best practices in gender balance with cadets

Markus Mitterer (EUAM Investigation Expert): Fighting for Truth and Justice

"It is my personal aim to provide the Ukrainian authorities with the proper tools and expertise to carry out these investigations and prosecutions successfully."

Markus Mitterer
EUAM Senior Advisor on Criminal Investigation
The EU Advisory Mission Ukraine (EUAM) supports Ukraine’s efforts to investigate and prosecute International Crimes committed in the war. To better understand these efforts, we did a short Q&A with EUAM Senior Advisor on Criminal Investigations Markus Mitterer.

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How EUAM supports Ukraine in fighting impunity for war crimes

Since Russia launched its war of aggression against Ukraine, investigations into thousands of cases of war crimes have been initiated. The EU Advisory Mission directly supports Ukrainian authorities in investigating and prosecuting these cases to prevent impunity and bring the guilty to justice.

How EUAM supports Ukraine in war crimes investigations

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine is a gross violation of international law. Russia’s war is causing massive loss of life and injury to civilians.
With its updated mandate, EUAM supports Ukrainian authorities in investigating and prosecuting war crimes committed during Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.
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