October 2021 

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Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation boosts its international cooperation with Dutch Police 

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Ukraine’s youngest Law Enforcement Agency kicks off its communication strategy
Public Order management: Swedish and Ukrainian police exchange their best practices

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EUAM supports the EU Security and Defence Policy course in Kyiv

#THOSEWHOCAN project teaches gender culture to schoolchildren

Digging deeper and deeper into the gender topic, I decided to advocate more actively for gender equality at the National Guard Academy. Which is not simple in the military, who are traditionally rather conservative and not so susceptible to changes, more so when it concerns women.
In the latest episode of #Agentsofchange, we speak to the author of #THOSEWHOCAN grant project dedicated to gender equality and gender mainstreaming. The project idea has been developed by Khrystyna Boichuk, fifth year cadet at the humanitarian department of the National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine (NANGU). In this interview, Khrystyna tells us how her project won funding at the competition organised by the Gender Culture Centre – a platform for enhancing women’s and youth’s rights and capabilities (GCC) funded by the European Union (EU). She also speaks about promotion of gender equality and gender culture among the cadets in Kharkiv and region, and shares some plans for the future.

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Kharkiv Police demonstrates defensive driving techniques

Do you feel calm and confident behind the wheel? This question is a firm ‘yes’ for these police officers, as they presented their driving skills in Kharkiv over the last weekend.

EUAM experts observed a defensive driving competition among local law enforcement officers for the Rector’s Cup of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs. All participants demonstrated their techniques how to safely manoeuver vehicles in difficult conditions. Oleksandr Kovalevskyi, an officer from the Kharkiv Patrol Police, became a winner with a result of 2 min.16 sec.

Several years ago, EUAM delivered defensive driving training for more than 150 Ukrainian police officers.
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