Our priorities

Human-resource management

Human-resource management helps ensure that the right people are deployed in the right way in order to achieve reform. Civilian security sector agencies are introducing a range of legislative and technical reform measures, but it is the staff of those agencies who actually carry the responsibility for implementing such measures.

Staff need to be recruited according to a transparent, merit-based system, and one that guarantees a certain level of competence and standards. The re-attestation process that Ukrainian police officers are undergoing is an example of this. Staff also need to be compensated properly, be provided with the tools they need to perform, in a workplace that ensures minimum health and safety standards.

Good performance needs to be measured, appraised and rewarded, and a promotional system clearly set forth. Other human-resource management standards include the provision of a code of conduct, disciplinary system, and a training programme that provides staff with opportunities for professional development.

EUAM works together with the National Police of Ukraine, National Anti-Corruption Bureau, State Fiscal Service, Border Guard Service and Security Service of Ukraine to improve all of these aspects of human-resource management. Together with the National Police and international partners, EUAM has also established a working group on human-resource management – and developed a human-resource management action plan which in March 2016 was officially endorsed by the National Police.

The action plan identifies five key areas of human-resource management work: job analysis and staffing, organization and maintenance of work force, measurement and appraisal of performance, rewards system, and professional development of employees.