Judges in the Media Spotlight: A Workshop on Navigating Judicial Communication During Wartime

June 13, 2024

Transparent and media-friendly courts are crucial in Ukraine’s EU integration efforts, especially during wartime. Recognising the need to equip judges with essential media engagement skills, EUAM Ukraine and the Lviv Regional Branch of the National School of Judges jointly organised a workshop. This event brought together academics, speaker judges, PR professionals, and EUAM’s Strategic Communication experts to emphasise the power of effective communication and media engagement.

Proper communication helps to raise public awareness about court activities making it more transparent”, stated Marcus Rolofs, Adviser on the Rule of Law from EUAM Ukraine, highlighting the importance of maintaining judicial integrity and public trust amidst the wartime disinformation campaigns.

During the workshop, participants engaged with experts in Law and Communications to discuss effective media engagement strategies. Topics ranged from navigating the delicate balance between upholding judicial respect and journalistic freedom during martial law to weighing the pros and cons of the judiciary’s media activities during wartime.

Practical exercises led by EUAM Ukraine Strategic Communication Experts, Helen Saarniit and Yevheniia Korotka, provided judges with valuable advice on effective communication with the media, offering guidance through real-life scenarios to sharpen their skills.

More than just a series of lectures, this workshop explored the evolving relationship between the judiciary and the media during challenging times. It provided Ukrainian judges with the knowledge and confidence to uphold justice and maintain public trust, even in adversity.