Advanced Technology in Action: Training for Lviv Forensic Experts

April 30, 2024

Technology is very helpful when it comes to the efficiency of the work of modern law enforcers. Specifically, it is important during the investigation of international crimes, which now is a significant part of the work of forensic experts.

Last week, the European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) Field Office Lviv, in collaboration with the Lviv State University of Internal Affairs, conducted a Crime Scene Management training. This session was designed to harness 3D scanning technology to enhance the capabilities of forensic officers from the National Police of Ukraine (NPU) in the Lviv Region, as well as educators who train both future and current police officers.

The training addressed the pressing need for advanced technological support in forensic investigations, particularly for dealing with international crimes such as drone and missile attacks, which have become increasingly important since the onset of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. “Previously, we handed over a 3D scanner to the Lviv State University of Internal Affairs. Now, with this training, law enforcers have gained the necessary knowledge and skills on how to use this advanced technology in real-life scenarios,” Aimar Koess, an EUAM Senior adviser, explained, “This effort is a continuation of our commitment to enhancing the investigative capabilities of Ukrainian law enforcement.”

The program focused on practical scenarios involving the use of the 3D scanner to manage crime scenes effectively. Participants engaged in comprehensive practical exercises that equipped them with the skills needed to document and analyse crime scenes. The ability to process and interpret complex data quickly is crucial for efficient and effective evidence gathering, which is enhanced by this technology.

In addition to technical skills, the training offered participants tailored advice from experienced trainers from Cybid, an EU company specialising in law enforcement training and the development of forensic software and hardware. This guidance is essential for understanding the various applications of different 3D scanners in forensic investigations.

We have gained a lot of knowledge about working with 3D technologies in the investigation of criminal offences and learnt about the new capabilities of the 3D scanner. We will now share this experience with the cadets in practical classes,” said Andrii Khytra, Head of the Department of Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics of Lviv State University, who participated in the training.

Through such efforts, EUAM not only enhances the professional skills of Ukrainian forensic officers but also strengthens the overall capacity of law enforcement in the region to respond to and investigate crime scenes with high precision and efficiency, which leads to the accurate delivery of justice.