Road safety is first item on agenda for Kharkiv kids on return to school

September 06, 2018

As part of the community safety strategy in Kharkiv, EUAM staff at the Kharkiv Regional Presence joined their police counterparts in marking the beginning of the school year by raising awareness among the children of road-safety issues.

To support this outreach, EUAM has erected advocacy street banners near schools in Kharkiv, and is distributing more than 10,000 leaflets, reflecting stickers and other visibility items to 45 schools over the first two weeks of September. 

The Community Safety Strategy, approved by the Regional Council earlier this year, has identified six priority areas that are being addressed through six working groups during 2018-19. The schools campaign is a joint activity of two of those groups, namely the working group on road traffic safety and the working group on juvenile delinquency.

EUAM raises road safety awareness at schools