Digest: the best moments of the Online Safety Conference 2020

January 28, 2021

Last week, EUAM Ukraine supported the Ministry of Digital Transformation in organising its Online Safety Conference on “Contemporary Challenges 2020”. Today as we celebrate #DataProtectionDay, find below the best moments of this two-day conference with four topics covered: “World and Ukraine, contemporary online harms and the ways to combat them”, “Children”, “Adults” and “Life Online”.



Online risks and dangers / New challenges and problems of their perception (Tetyana Kovalchuk, Ministry of Internal Affairs)

Online safety: world trends” (Gulsanna Mamediieva, Ministry of Digital Transformation)

Transforming the Cyberpolice in order to cope with the challenges(Serhiy Kropyva, First Deputy Chief of the Cyber Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine)

How to help citizens to deal with online abuse: UK experience; the impact of COVID(David Wright, South West Grid for Learning)

Introduction from the eSafety Commissioner (Julie Inman Gran, Australian E-safety Commissioner)

Exercising human rights in a digital world: the impact of COVID-19 and modern challenges (Kiril Milev, EU Advisory Mission in Ukraine)


Rhiannon (Video of a victim) (Marie Collins Foundation UK)

Statement on online safety issues (Mama Fatima Singhateh, UN Special Rapporteur on sale the and sexual exploitation of children)

Child safety online – Sweden’s experience (Susanne Drakborg, World Childhood Foundation)

Presentation of the results of the study of online child sexual abuse (Kseniya Hinchuk, Resource Center NGO)

Children Online Safety. Advice for parents (Mykola Kuleba, Ombudsman for children’s rights)

Children safety in the digital world. New challenges and their consequences (Anna Malimonenko, Inspector-chief on special assignments of the Juvenile Prevention Department of the Division of Preventive Activities)

Why posts in social networks about children could damage their futures? (Anastasia Apetyk, MinZmin)

Strategy and Action Plan on online child protection (Valeriya Ionan, Ministry of Digital Transformation)

Gaming: a platform for social communication of children and youth. Opportunities and hidden threats(Oleh Rybalka, Ukrainian Professional Esports Association)


Activism against online-violence(Daryna Mizina, Amnesty International)

Change your password right now. How not to turn black boxes of technology into Pandora’s boxes (Andrii Brodetskyi – journalist, Technology, media and society blog)

Engagement in human trafficking and sexual exploitation: new risks(Nadiia Kondybina, OSCE)

Internet Safety: The role of personal data protection(Dmytro Korchynskyi, Privacy Hub)

Revenge Porn Helpline Experience (Sophie Mortimer, Revenge Porn Helpline)

Protection against revenge porn: world’s best practices and Ukrainian context” (Kateryna Hryshchenko, DEJURE Foundation)


Step back. How do disinformation and fakes steal our future?(Maksym Skubenko, Vox Check)

Not like everyone else. How Ukraine differs from the world in the fight against misinformation(Tetiana Tsyba, Member of the Ukrainian Parliament)

Online-media in Ukraine growing up like mushrooms. What is going on? (Ihor Rozkladai, Centre of Democracy and the Rule of Law)

Freedom of speech and users’ safety: Are we really allowed to publish everything?(Maksym Dvorovyi, Digital Security Lab)

Digital literacy as a road to happiness (Ruslana Korenchuk, Ministry of Digital Transformation)