January 2022 

European Parliament delegation visits Mariupol to show support to Ukraine and meets EUAM Field Office

European Parliament delegation from the Foreign Affairs Committee and Security and Defence Subcommittee visited Mariupol to gather first-hand information on the current crisis in Eastern Ukraine. Ukraine being under threat, the MEPs on a fact-finding mission familiarised themselves with the situation in Eastern Ukraine to contribute to the shaping of the EU’s position.

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EUAM advises police in Donetsk region to develop capacity and resilience  –  safety of citizens as ultimate goal

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EUAM supports strengthening of local law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction in Crimea
The Resilient Ukraine programme: Rewarding Crisis Simulation Workshop took place in Sumy

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Modern threat assessment system will enhance fight against serious and organised crime in Ukraine

#AgentsofChange – Andrii Kruhliak, Senior Sergeant in the National Guard of Ukraine

"I think involving the National Guards really is beneficial to manage public order better. From my experience, the civilians also feel more peaceful with guardsmen. Maybe it is the military dimension. But I think we are more trusted and respected."

Andrii Kruhliak,
Senior Sergeant in the National Guard of Ukraine
“My name is Andrii Kruhliak, and I work as a Senior Sergeant in the National Guard of Ukraine (NGU). I chose to become a guardsman in 2015 after the country called me for my military service. I started working in Kyiv and, back then, there were mass gatherings almost every day. I was taking part in public order management, and it was a baptism by fire for me. For instance, I was there when a grenade exploded outside the Parliament on 31 August 2015 and killed one guardsman.

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