Maritime Security in the Black Sea Region: Prospects for Increased Support

June 20, 2024

During his visit to Odesa from 14-17 June, Mikko Groenberg, EUAM Deputy Head of Operations, focused on meeting with Ukrainian partners and participating in the largest security forum in the Black Sea region.

Black Sea Security Forum 2024: Enhancing Security for Odesa Ports

EUAM Ukraine was invited to the Black Sea Security Forum 2024, where dozens of politicians, military officers, and diplomats from various countries discussed the impacts of Russian aggression against Ukraine and the challenges of restoring security in Eastern Europe. Representing the Mission, Mikko Groenberg participated in the event and visited the Odesa port with other international delegations.

“The Great Odesa ports have become the most important grain hubs in the world, so they need special protection. The State Border Guard Service and the Coast Guard play a vital role in securing grain corridors,” commented Mikko Groenberg. “Under the new mandate, EUAM Ukraine will enhance its support to these key partners, building their capacity to ensure security in the ports and the Black Sea area.”

New Mandate: Updated Mission Priorities in IBM

On 17 June, Mikko Groenberg met with representatives from the Southern Directorate of the State Border Guard Service (SBGS) and the Coast Guard. During the meeting, the Mission’s updated priorities were presented, with a focus on Integrated Border Management (IBM) and maritime security.

“Supporting our Ukrainian partners in the Maritime and IBM sectors, as well as in the Liberated and Adjacent Territories, is now our main priority in the southern region,” shared Mikko Groenberg during his meeting with Serhii Lavrentiev, international cooperation officer of the Southern Directorate of SBGS. “In the near future, we will enhance our support to key partners who ensure the security of marine and land grain corridors, providing necessary training and equipment.”

The Deputy Head of Operations emphasised the importance of interagency cooperation and the sustainability of civilian security sector reforms. “As representatives of the European Union, we share a common interest with our Ukrainian partners in achieving victory and fast EU integration. We are fighting on the same side,” he concluded during his meeting with Mykola Syrinskyi, Deputy Head of Coast Guard.