SPRU Project: Support to Police Reform in Ukraine

May 12, 2017

Community policing is a concept which aims to build strong links between the police and the community they serve, for example via Community Action Groups involving different community stakeholders, such as local authorities, local businesses, religious leaders, etc. It also encourages a holistic approach to preventing and solving crime, with an emphasis on working with the community to identify the causes of crime.

To improve the relationship between the police and public and support community policing efforts, reception areas of the 20 police stations selected for the project will be refurbished and up to 15 vehicles donated. Working with EUAM, the project will also provide training to promote leadership for senior and mid-level police managers as well as training in other areas such as stress management.

The Scandinavian approach to public order policing during mass events such as demonstrations or sports events aims to prevent and de-escalate conflict via constant communication with members of crowds and detailed planning and risk analyses. A core principle is to facilitate the exercise of peaceful assembly and democratic rights.
The project aims to support a new Ukrainian model for public order policing based on the Scandinavian approach. Up to 420 police officers will receive training, with 60 of these expected to become trainers in their own right. The project also foresees the donation of protective equipment to assist public order policing.