EUAM-Civil Society e-Talk: a human rights perspective for the platform’s first outing

October 10, 2020

This week, EUAM was proud to launch the ‘EUAM-Civil Society e-Talk’, an online communication platform created by EUAM’s Good Governance Unit. Part of the “Civil Society – Law Enforcement Agencies Dialogue for trust” project, implemented in cooperation with our field offices, the online event is also an opportunity to encourage exchange between EUAM experts and national and regional organisations from across Ukraine and foster cooperation.

This first edition focused on local and international practices in coping with the COVID-19 situation, and addressing the human rights affected by the lockdown measures. The pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges to our societies, and restrictions imposed inevitably have had a considerable impact on human rights and sparked intense debates around the notion of freedom. Exchanging experiences, EUAM Human Rights and Gender Adviser Ms Marijana Todoric presented the ongoing situation in Croatia while the Centre for Civil Liberties (CCL) and the Association of Ukrainian human rights monitors on Law Enforcement (Association UMDPL) delivered brief presentations on the Ukrainian experience. This event is just one of the many EUAM initiatives to reach out to civil society and facilitate exchanges about various security and safety concerns.