Enhancing State Border Guard Service of Ukraine with advanced forensic equipment

June 04, 2024

The European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) handed over forensic equipment worth EUR 180,900 to the State Border Guard Service (SBGS) of Ukraine on 3 June. This contribution includes 42 universal devices for detecting narcotic and explosive substances and 200 rapid test kits for identifying these dangerous materials.

This advanced equipment aims to enhance the capacities of personnel of State Border Guard Service at existing border crossing points, improving their ability to prevent, detect and investigate violations of law related to narcotics and explosives including combat organised and serious crimes. The universal devices and rapid test kits will play a crucial role in border inspections, particularly in detecting concealed compartments, or “double bottoms,” in vehicles and cargo.

These devices allow for the rapid and reliable identification of substances that pose significant threats, such as drugs and explosives. Their use is expected to significantly improve the SBGS’s ability to prevent the trafficking of narcotics and the smuggling of explosive materials, which could be used for various illegal activities, including sabotage or terrorist purposes.

EUAM continues to support SBGS. The support contains also providing border guards with the means to carry out professional and efficient inspections to improve Ukraine’s border security including combatting organised cross-border crime,” said Juergen Illig, EUAM Head of IBM Unit.

This initiative underscores the EUAM’s commitment to supporting Ukraine in its efforts to maintain security and uphold the rule of law at its borders.