Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Endeavors on the EU Pathway

December 13, 2023

Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing war, Ukraine has demonstrated its commitment to reform, including within the anti-corruption sphere, a key aspect in the path towards European Union accession.

Corruption though, remains a hurdle to be addressed.

As a step ahead in this direction, as part of the implementation of the Anti-corruption Program of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the VIII International Scientific and Practical Conference on the “Implementation of State Anti-Corruption Policy in the International Dimension” was held in Kyiv on 7-8 December 2023.

The conference, Co-organised by the EU Advisory Mission (EUAM) Ukraine together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Academy of Internal Affairs, the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine, and the Civil Society Organisation “Corruption Prevention and Counteraction Centre”, aimed at addressing current challenges in implementing state anti-corruption policies, looking at the proposed amendments to legislation, and also sharing recommendations for practical anti-corruption measures, and international best practices.

Last month, the European Commission reiterated the imperative need for sustained and reinforced efforts in the anti-corruption domain in view of the EU Enlargement to its “Eastern Neighborhood” partners.

An effective fight against corruption should starts at early stages, involving the educational sphere.

The role of universities is therefore significant for implementing anti-corruption measures in a systematic manner, stated in his opening remarks Volodymyr Cherniei, Rector of the National Academy of Internal Affairs. The Rector spoke about the current legislative challenges hindering Ukraine’s competent authorities in combatting corruption effectively. He also expressed hope for joint efforts to ensure a coherent execution of state anti-corruption policy.

“We commend Ukraine’s substantial achievements on anti-corruption, including the adoption of crucial directives such as the National Anti-Corruption Strategy and State Anti-corruption Program,” said the Head of EUAM Ukraine, Rolf Holmboe, at the conference. He added that now is the time to integrate anti-corruption measures into the fundamental structures of the agencies, to make joint efforts to change the mindset that enables corruption to flourish.

Acknowledging the significant results of the Anti-Corruption Programme and the development of a draft Code of Conduct for personnel, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Bohdan Drapyatyi, welcomed the cooperation with EUAM to further enhance transparency and integrity within defence and security institutions.

The recommendations provided at the conference by leading national and international experts, scientists, and state agencies’ representatives to the relevant authorities are likely to effectively influence legislative changes and set policy priorities.

So that the fight against corruption is effective and lasting.