Ukraine in the driving seat to fencing cyber-attacks affecting its citizens: Cyber Brama website is launched in Kyiv

April 08, 2024

“Ukraine is far more advanced than some EU countries when it comes to cyber security,” says the EU Advisory Mission (EUAM) Ukraine’s acting Head of Governance Component, Konrad Wudtke, speaking at the launch of the Cyber Brama website, on 04 April in Kyiv. The portal is part of “Brama,” a project aiming at enabling Ukrainians to safely use the internet, prevent and counteract criminal activities online, and to not fall victim to hostile propaganda.

Cyber Brama is a portal that teaches safe use of modern digital technologies, social networks, online platforms, and applications, and informs about the risks in cyberspace. It includes sections on “Cybersecurity in Education,” “Cybersecurity at Work”, “Cybersecurity in Everyday Life”, “Cybersecurity in Entertainment and Communication” and “Cybersecurity During War”.

EUAM Ukraine, the Cyber Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine, the NGO MINZMIN, LLC Yedynka, and the Renaissance Foundation work together on the project.

The “Cyber Brama” team created a guide listing and describing games, programs, and social networks in Ukraine, detailing how to protect citizens’ information and report unacceptable content or privacy policy violations. Through the “Cyber Brama” portal, the Cyber Police Department of Ukraine can be contacted to report cybercrimes. 

On the occasion of the launch of the portal, together with EUAM Ukraine’s representatives, Andriy Sharonov, First Deputy Chief of the Cyber Police Department at the National Police of Ukraine and Anastasiia Apetyk, Co-founder and Head of the board at MINZMIN detailed about the project, explaining about their respective involvement.

While being in the driving seat on cyber security expertise might sound positive for Ukraine, one must not forget that this means that the country has a reason for being at the forefront: having to fence Russia’s cyber-attacks on citizens and the state, adding a frontline to fence attacks also affecting Europe.