Ternopil Police Continues to Advance Human Rights System

July 05, 2024

Another police station in Ternopil region has started using the Custody Records system.

This week, the EU Advisory Mission Ukraine (EUAM) Lviv Field Office and the National Police of Ukraine launched the system at Ternopil Police Station No 1. The necessary IT equipment was provided by the Mission. “This is already the fifth unit in the region where this project is operating, and by the end of the year, we plan to implement it in four more of our territorial stations. We see that the system is working efficiently,” said Serhii Ziubanenko, Head of the Main Department of the National Police in Ternopil Oblast. “I would like to express my gratitude to our international partners for their support and the equipment provided for the operation of the automated system,” he added.

The Custody Records system is designed to enhance the human rights of detained persons through continuous video surveillance from the moment of their detention until they are either transferred to a pre-trial detention centre or released from custody. This system not only helps protect the rights of detainees but also shields police officers from unfounded accusations, thereby increasing trust in the police force.

Previously, the EUAM agreed with the National Police of Ukraine to resume its practical support in developing the Custody Records System (CRS) in relatively safe regions of Ukraine. This support aims to continue bolstering the previous efforts of the Mission in establishing Custody Records throughout Ukraine. “The National Police of Ukraine is working on new projects, implementing new ideas to bring us closer to European standards, to make our activities as transparent and understandable as possible,” said Ruslan Goryachenko, Head of the Department of the Main Inspection and Human Rights of the National Police of Ukraine.

“For us as the representatives of the EU here it is incredible to see how Ukrainians fight in the war and simultaneously put every effort to install and protect the European values – human rights being one of the fundamental ones”, said Hannelore Valier, the Head of the EUAM FO Lviv.

Following the launch of the Custody Records system in Ternopil, two more police stations in the western regions of Ukraine—Yavoriv Police Station in the Lviv Region and Mukachevo District Police Station in the Zakarpattia region—will receive CRS equipment from the Mission in August 2024.