Strengthening Cooperation: EUAM Ukraine’s Forensics Team engages with counterparts in Poltava and Dnipro

January 31, 2024

European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) Ukraine’s forensics team met its Ukrainian partners from Poltava and Dnipro from 18 to 25 January.  This was an opportunity to visit laboratory facilities and talk to the National Police of Ukraine (NPU) forensics units of Luhansk and discuss with the representatives of the Kharkiv laboratory and explosive unit. On the occasion of a round table, the EUAM team had the opportunity to exchange ideas between forensic, investigation, and explosive units, as well as prosecutors who are investigating war crimes in Dnipro.

In more detail, EUAM Forensics Team visited the Poltava region for a meeting with personnel from regional laboratory and explosive unit. The substantial number of investigations undertaken, and the current most pressing needs were discussed.

When in Dnipro, EUAM Forensics Team met with Luhansk Crime Scene Investigators. On the occasion, the Forensics Team had opportunity to have a sight on the daily work of their Ukrainian colleagues and ask questions on their oncoming plans. As such, the EUAM team gained a vision on how to strengthen the cooperation and exchange of information between several NPU units in their area of responsibility.

The Dnipro meeting gave the EUAM team a perspective on some of the current challenges. The Luhansk laboratory has lost their equipment during Russia’s unjustified and unprovoked invasion. Despite having also lost many experts, the staff of the laboratory are still committed to their work, and they perform in best possible way. 

EUAM Mobile Unit and Forensics Team supported roundtable discussions between Dnipro area laboratories, Crime Scene Investigators, Explosive Unit and Dnipro Prosecutors, including on investigations of missile attacks. This kind of roundtable discussions are important to break in a new way of thinking to authorities who are working on forensics.