Staying in Touch with Regional Partners: EUAM Head of Mission Visits Odesa

July 02, 2024

On 26-27 June, Rolf Holmboe, Head of the EU Advisory Mission (EUAM) Ukraine, visited Odesa and met with Head of the Odesa Region Military Administration Oleh Kiper, Head of the Regional Maritime Guard Directorate of the State Border Guard Service (SBGS) Rear Admiral Oleh Kostur, and Head of the South Regional Directorate of SBGS Brigadier General Yuriy Petriv.

Discussions focused on strengthening cooperation and support for Ukraine to face the massive wartime challenges. Key topics included strengthening maritime security, regional initiatives within the civilian security sector, and reforms as part of Ukraine’s path to EU membership.

“Our mandate has two main tracks: Firstly, to strategically help Ukraine go through the necessary reforms and fight against corruption that will pave the way to join the EU. Secondly, to support Ukraine as strongly as possible to stand up to the huge challenges posed by the Russian aggression. EUAM is intensifying its partnership and support to the civilian security sector for both these purposes,” said Rolf Holmboe.

“Odesa also serves as a crucial hub for our support of Ukrainian partners in the liberated territories, which is one of our priorities for the Mission’s work in Ukraine,” he added.

The Mission will continue to work closely with our Ukrainian counterparts in the Odesa Region to strengthen joint efforts in dealing with wartime challenges and in support of the effective implementation of civilian security sector reforms.