Standing Ready for Future Challenges: EUAM and Frontex Strengthen Cooperation

February 19, 2024

Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, and the European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) Ukraine are set to forge stronger ties to address cross-border crime and irregular migration along the EU’s eastern borders. This commitment was formalized with the signing of a Working Arrangement on February 19 in Warsaw.

Frontex Executive Director Hans Leijtens and EUAM Ukraine Head of Mission Rolf Holmboe participated in the signing ceremony, symbolizing a joint effort to uphold European standards and best practices in border security management. Amid ongoing challenges, including Russia’s  unprovoked aggression, this agreement underscores a shared dedication to enhancing the resilience and security of Europe.

Rolf Holmboe, EUAM Ukraine’s Head of Mission, pointed out that the Working Arrangement between Frontex and EUAM represents a significant step towards enhanced border security and Integrated Border Management (IBM) in Ukraine, adding that “Together, in the spirit of Team Europe, we can achieve our shared objectives and contribute to a safer and more secure Europe for all. This partnership is a testament to the EU’s support for Ukraine, especially in light of its efforts to implement comprehensive reforms under challenging circumstances. It also aligns with the initiation of accession negotiations, marking a pivotal step in Ukraine’s integration into the EU.

The focus of this cooperation will be to align Ukraine’s Integrated Border Management  framework with European standards, including the Schengen and Customs acquis. Activities will include promoting IBM standards among national authorities, organizing training sessions and seminars, and facilitating effective information exchange for border management.

Hans Leijtens, Frontex Executive Director, remarked on the significance of this arrangement, “The signing of a working arrangement is a concrete step towards expanding our cooperation in this vital area, helping us to work together to deal with the effects of the war in Ukraine at our borders.

With Frontex’s expertise in border security and management, this partnership is expected to significantly bolster Ukraine’s reform agenda and enhance its border security capabilities. The anticipated establishment of Ukraine’s IBM Coordination Center will further solidify this cooperation, marking a new chapter in Europe’s approach to border security and management.