OSINT expertise for regional judges and law enforcers

December 26, 2023

What is crucial for every judge or investigator in the digital age? To understand how to work with data obtained from open source.

This is particularly relevant during the investigation and prosecution of international crimes, with a notable increase in cases involving publicly accessible “digital component”. Therefore, all law enforcement and judiciary authorities must have the same level of understanding of this issue.

For this reason, EUAM Ukraine recently organised two open-source intelligence (OSINT) training sessions in Vinnytsia for regional judges and investigators from the regional Security Service of Ukraine, the State Bureau of Investigations, and the National Police. 

 “The training, following domestic and international standards like the Berkeley protocol, addressed open-source investigation concepts. Participants gained practical knowledge crucial for performing their daily tasks, including the admissibility of electronic evidence obtained through OSINT and the mechanisms for the cross-border exchange of such evidence,” says Michal Vyvoda, EUAM’s Senior Adviser on OSINT. 

Participants echoed the sentiment, recognising the training’s benefits. Serhii Hupiak, Head of the Investigation Department, Vinnytsia-based Territorial Department of the State Bureau of Investigation, noted that the topic is highly relevant, considering the challenges in conducting criminal proceedings related to collaboration, high treason, and desertion through international legal requests. “Evidence from the World Wide Web is now crucial for our special pre-trial investigations,” he emphasised.

EUAM will continue to support its Ukrainian partners in fortifying justice with the help of digital tools!