VIDEO: Lviv. European practices in action

August 12, 2015

After the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs has evaluated the joint project between the Lviv Regional Police and the EU Advisory Mission (EUAM) as successful, it was prolonged and expanded to four new areas. Following the example of reformed Sambir police station, the new response teams from now on will serve for 200 thousand citizens of Staryy Sambir, Turka, Zhovkva and Mostyska districts.


The pilot project between the Police of Lviv and the EUAM was launched at Sambir Police Station in June 2015. It has significantly improved the response time of police. Now, it takes only four and a half minutes for teams to arrive on a spot. Sambir citizens have doubled their calls to the Emergency Response Unit: because they now have confidence that the police will actually assist.


The joint project between Lviv Regional Police and the EUAM implements a system based on the best European practices and the expectations of citizens rebuilding the trust between police and people.