The Head of the European Union Advisory Mission’s interview to Media Inform TV Channel (Odessa)

April 28, 2015

Kalman Mizsei has outlined the difficult ongoing situation for the reforms in Ukraine, but postponing them is not an option. According to the Head of Mission (HoM), Ukrainians have paid a high price.

Now the authorities that should not have a cynical attitude must deliver proper and serious reforms.

The selection process in Law Enforcement Agencies of Ukraine that is ongoing now is due to bring the best personal into Civil Security Sector (CSS), which should be provided with good salaries.

The anticorruption measures and control in CSS must be tightened as well.

Kalman Mizsei has pointed out, that for the first time in Ukraine’s modern history such a serious package of reforms is proposed and the demand of a change from the soviet styled system into the European functionality is high.

The expectations for the country to become a functional State where the human rights are fully respected are shared not only by European counterparts but by all Ukrainians regardless their political views. The ones who oppose the reforming process in Ukraine are the corrupted officials.

It is up to the authorities to gain the respect from their citizens. The Civil Society of Ukraine is unique among European countries and politicians should take it into the account in order to build transparent and democratic institutions.

An oath breached by State Official should be followed by a criminal procedure, said Kalman Mizsei, but the right of defense must be provided for everyone in a disciplinary process.