Security Service of Ukraine visits Eurojust

October 02, 2015

A delegation of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) visited the European Unions Judicial Cooperation Unit (Eurojust) in The Hague. The delegation was presented with an overview of Eurojust’s work, including its judicial coordination tools and external relations, with an emphasis on the fight against terrorism.

They were accompanied by EU’s European External Action Service, the office of the EU Counter Terrorism Coordinator, the SSU Mission of Ukraine to NATO as well as Andrew Mellor and Dirk Dhulst from the European Union Advisory Mission Ukraine (EUAM). They also met with Ms. Michele Coninsx, the President of Eurojust, who emphasized: “This visit was a welcome introduction to the work of the Security Service of Ukraine and a timely update of the range of issues facing Europe and Eurojust. I took the opportunity to reiterate the support of Eurojust now and in future cross-border cooperation. Such cooperation is more effective when we aren’t limited to the European Union.”

Andrew Mellor, EUAM Strategic Domestic Security Advisor, said how useful this visit was: “The visit of the SSU delegation to Eurojust helped to develop their understanding of the essential work in encouraging international cooperation and coordination.  It was a great privilege to meet the President and encouraging to see that work continues to develop an operational strategy to further strengthen the already strong links between the EU and Ukraine.”