EUAM welcomes the launch of penitentiary reform by the Ministry of Justice and contributes to its progress

December 08, 2015

The European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) welcomes the launch of penitentiary reform by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

By Decree No 337/7 of 19th November 2015, the Ministry of Justice established four working groups on optimization of the functioning of State Criminal-Executive Service of Ukraine. This is an important step towards a comprehensive penitentiary reform in Ukraine, which will bring the Ukrainian penitentiary system in accordance with international practices.

At the first meeting of the working group, chaired by the First Deputy Minister of Justice, Ms. Natalia Sevostianova, EUAM gave a number of comments on how to conduct administrative reform, optimization of staff/prisoners rate, and demilitarization in the penitentiary sphere, based on best practices from EU Member States. EUAM has also handed over a Penitentiary Reform Roadmap to the Ministry of Justice. This document provides guidelines for Ukrainian authorities on necessary changes in the Ukrainian penitentiary system. 

“EUAM is ready to provide expert support to the Ministry of Justice at this first stage of reform. The Administration of Justice Advisory Unit has already engaged in significant ways with penitentiary reform in Ukraine and we will continue to do so with a view to creating an efficient penitentiary system that will prioritize the respect for human rights”, says Vadym Chovgan, Penitentiary Reform Officer with EUAM.