EUAM visits Chernihiv for the first time

July 03, 2015

European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) Outreach Team together with Strategic Advisory Component representatives visited Chernihiv Region for the first time at the end of June 2015. EUAM held a number of productive meetings with local authorities and law enforcement agencies.  

The meeting with the Emergency Service covered issues on the situation of internally displaced people (IDP). There are 11600 IDPs from the conflict area of Donbass in the region. The Emergency Service is the main authority in Chernihiv that deals and assists IDPs.

The question on prosecution reforming, as well as problems of the criminal procedure code  application, interaction and coordination with other law enforcement actors and the  public were discussed during the meeting with the Chief Public Prosecutor of Chernihiv region.

The meeting with the Head of Chernihiv Regional Police was also attended by the EUAM Strategic Policing Advisors. Both sides encased future cooperation and agreed to meet on regular basis. 

The Head of Chernihiv Regional Administration stressed the importance of the implementation of the best European practices in the reforming process and the advice from EUAM experts.

The meeting with Chernihiv’s NGOs took place in Helsinki Group Educational House, which was the first Ukrainian NGO to have its own facility to organize  trainings, meetings and even accommodation.