EUAM staff complete media training

July 01, 2015

Kyiv, July 2015. Staff from the Regional Outreach component of the EU Advisory Mission Ukraine (‪#‎EUAM‬) have now successfully completed two intensive days of media training. The training was delivered internally by the mission’s press team and included how to develop media content for use on social media as well as more traditional channels of communication.

There were also sessions on the Ukrainian media landscape and plenty of practical interviews for the students on both TV and radio. The two days ended with a full press conference to consolidate the learning from the course.

The lead Tutor, Terry Scaife, explained that the main purpose of the course was to “equip the Regional Outreach Staff with the confidence and skills to be Spokesperson’s in the regions and to explain the work of the mission and its mandate regarding advice for civilian security sector reform”. The course also provided learning on how the staff in the regions can develop good news stories and outcomes linked to the advice they deliver to key local counterparts.

One of the students, Felix Gautsch, said how important the training had been and how now better understood the need to “be prepared and not to be rushed into an interview, but to take the time to ask questions of journalists”.