EUAM organizes training on strategic analysis

December 05, 2022

The strength of the Ukrainian national security authorities depends on their ability to put information and events in context, explain their meaning and assess possible future impacts. Strategic analysis will help them identify risks and threats in advance. It is the main product of Ukrainian national security apparatus in serving top-level decision makers by supplying relevant information in a proactive manner, in order to safeguard national security.

Valid and meaningful strategic analysis, are therefore key in drawing the right conclusions and finding solutions to threats posed to national security. The better the quality of the analysis is, the more valid conclusions and more effective decisions be made.

Taking into account the above, EU Advisory Mission Ukraine (EUAM) has arranged a five-day training aimed to combine guidance to refine the skills of Ukraine’s national security sector in the realm of strategic analysis. Providing them with relevant knowledge for most efficient counteraction to existing challenges and anticipating new ones is a central part of the training.

The core of the EUAM strategic analysis training was presenting and practicing a structured methodology to improve the counterparts’ capacity to make updated and foreseeing strategic analysis. Over 20 Ukrainian national security sector analysts, as well as representatives of educational institutions, participated in the training. The EUAM activity was conducted with the “train of trainer approach”, thus contributing to sustainable outcomes.