EUAM donation gives instructors at National University of Internal Affairs access to improved IT-equipment

March 30, 2017
The National University of Internal Affairs in Kharkiv received a donation of IT equipment today from the EU Advisory Mission Ukraine at the start of two international conferences on psychology and anti-corruption respectively. The equipment includes a smart screen, laptops and servers, which will give the University a technological boost to better serve the needs of its students.


Signing the donation agreement – EUAM Regional Coordinator Gerrit Jan van Gelder (left), First Prorector of the Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs Dmytro Shvets (right)

“In the past two years, the Mission and the University of Internal Affairs have built a solid working relationship and we are glad to have led or taken part in a number of trainings here,” said Gerrit Jan van Gelder, EUAM Regional Coordinator in Kharkiv at a donation ceremony at the University. “Students here have very highly qualified instructors, but these teachers do not always have access to modern IT equipment. We hope that this donation will help students to have access to more interactive teaching methods.”

The donation ceremony precedes two days of international conferences held at the University. EUAM will be an active participant in the second day, which is dedicated to the subject ‘Criminological, Criminal and Legal Measures for Combatting Corruption’. Two EUAM advisers, seconded to the Mission from the Lithuanian and Romanian police will provide their perspectives on how corruption is dealt with within their organisations at home.

EUAM has provided support for the National University of Internal Affairs in such diverse areas as public order, community policing, leadership, and strategic communication and many further joint trainings are planned for the coming months.

A selection of donated equipment (left), opening words at the international psychology conference (right)

EUAM Public Order Adviser Michael Lokke with Gerrit Jan van Gelder (left), the international psychology conference (right)