Deputy General Prosecutor sets forth vision for improved Register of Pre-Trial Investigations e-system

January 17, 2017

Anzhela Stryzhevska,  Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine

On 16 January, the European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) hosted a round-table with the General Prosecutor’s Office (GPO) of Ukraine on ‘Electronic systems in activity of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine: challenges and prospects of implementation’.


The Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations – used for recordings of criminal offences, decisions made during pre-trial investigations, tracking of suspects and judicial proceedings – is an online database that has 28,000 users in Ukraine, at the GPO, National Police of Ukraine, Security Service, State Fiscal Service, National Anti-Corruption Bureau and State Bureau of Investigation (after it is launched). However, Prosecutors stressed yesterday that it has limited analytical and archival capability. They also emphasised the need to create electronic system of criminal proceedings.


“Technologies should be in place to allow leaving behind a paper workload,” explained Anzhela Stryzhevska, Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine. “The electronic system enhances security and protection of information. There are several challenges with its implementation, but I would like to thank EUAM and the international community for their support in this.”

Lynn Sheehan, EUAM Deputy Head of Operations and Anzhela Stryzhevska, Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine

Fabian Loewenberg, EUAM Head of Rule of Law Component