Great Results of the Pilot Project Using Bodycams by Customs Officers

May 30, 2024

A pilot project introducing bodycams for customs officers, supported by the EU Advisory Mission (EUAM) Ukraine, shows promising results.

The initial outcomes of this project were discussed at a meeting between EUAM Ukraine and the leadership of the State Customs Service of Ukraine (SCS) yesterday.

The use of individual portable video cameras (bodycams) by Customs officers has proven highly effective. It has led to a notable reduction in customs clearance time and streamlined the overall process. Additionally, bodycams have improved discipline and increased staff confidence in correctly handling situations where conflicts might occur.

The project also increased the reporting of customs violations, indicating stronger vigilance and accountability. It detected cases of attempted bribery, showcasing its role in deterring corrupt activities. Furthermore, it has resulted in increased customs revenues to the State Budget of Ukraine.

“EUAM highly commends the positive outcomes, particularly in preventing corruption, detecting customs violations, and protecting the rights of both citizens and customs officers,” said EUAM Head Rolf Holmboe.

The State Customs Service expressed its intention to expand the use of body cameras on the border crossing points further, with EUAM’s continued support.