Frontex and EU Advisory Mission Enhance Ukrainian Border Security

June 12, 2024

The European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) Ukraine and Frontex organised a workshop to enhance the skills of Ukrainian border guards and customs officers. The initiative, held at the Palanca border crossing point between Moldova and Ukraine, focused on detecting forged documents, identifying stolen cars, and combating smuggling.

For two days, Frontex and EUAM experts led training sessions, sharing the EU’s best practices. This workshop is the first in a series, stemming from the EUAM-Frontex Cooperation Agreement signed in Warsaw on February 19, 2024.

This first joint EUAM-Frontex awareness session marks the beginning of a concerted effort to enhance the capacity of Ukrainian Border Guard and customs officers. Our goal is to align Ukrainian operational procedures at border crossing points with EU standards and best practices,” said Adrian Costache, EUAM Senior IBM Advisor. “As Ukraine aspires to join the EU, the need for enhanced advisory support is critical, and EUAM, in partnership with Frontex, is committed to providing this through the implementation of Integrated Border Management.”

The workshop was part of an awareness session on security features of travel documents and the detection of stolen cars, organised by Frontex in collaboration with Moldovan border guards. This initiative not only strengthens the security measures at the Ukrainian borders but also fosters closer cooperation between Ukraine, Moldova, and the European Union in the realm of integrated border management and security.