Feeling dizzy? Don’t get behind a wheel

November 07, 2019

Breath analyzers, drunk simulation goggles and cell phones – this diverse range of equipment served a purpose at the Road Traffic Safety awareness meeting in Lviv Medial College this week. EUAM experts together with Patrol Police spoke with students about drunk driving. To let them feel how alcohol hampers coordination and reflexes, the students also tried to orientate with drunk simulation goggles. The breath analyzers, earlier donated by EUAM, provided students some practical experience of the consequences of drunk driving, when stopped by Patrol Police. EUAM experts gave examples of EU legislation to prosecute drunken drivers and answered questions pertaining to violation of European legislation and how road users in Ukraine can be motivated to better respect traffic laws. EUAM experts also highlighted the importance of refraining from talking or texting on a cell phone while driving. Drivers should be not only sober, but also attentive on a road. 

Road Safety Awareness meeting with students in Lviv