Effective Interviewing Techniques: Training for Ukrainian Police Officers and Prosecutors

May 27, 2024

Throughout month of May, the European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) conducted several training sessions on Effective Interviewing Techniques for various partners, including the Council of Prosecutors and the National Police of Ukraine (NPU). This course aimed to enhance knowledge of the selection process and share EU best practices on the matter.

The training emphasised the importance of a structured recruitment process that assesses staff efficiency, tackles biases, and strengthens transparency and integrity, ultimately enhancing public trust. Over two days, attendees learned about the phases of the selection process and best practices through practical exercises and case studies. 

Kirsten Joppe, the Head of the EUAM Governance Component, highlighted the training’s relevance to Ukraine’s wartime challenges, reconstruction efforts, and European integration. “The ongoing war has increased the level of pressure on the law enforcement agencies’ staff. Our task is to support you in developing new skills and knowledge to deal with the enormous challenges that Ukraine faces now,” she added.

Participants praised the training for its relevance and expressed their intent to apply the knowledge in their professional tasks. 

A special highlight was the Q&A session with police officers from EU member states currently deployed with the Mission. Attendees asked a variety of questions, including how to apply a gender perspective in their work and about job opportunities in different missions and international organisations.

This training underscores EUAM’s commitment to supporting Ukraine’s law enforcement and rule of law agencies through capacity building and transparent recruitment practices, which are crucial for ongoing reforms and Ukraine’s European integration efforts.