‘Bribe takers should be forced to clean the streets, then people would know their faces’

January 30, 2019

EUAM this week hosted some of the winners of the Prosecution Service’s competition ’10 steps necessary for the elimination of corruption in the prosecution system’. Below is a collection of some of the students’ thoughts on what Ukraine needs to do to tackle corruption in the country.  


Vitaliy Naida

Cadet of Kharkiv University of Internal Affairs

“You should foster intolerance to corruption from childhood.  I am continuing a dynasty of law enforcement officers. I plan to become an investigator. Corruption is unacceptable in my family”


Student of Poltava Law University

“You should start with your head. When people stop giving bribes, then changes will follow and the state system will work for the comfort of a citizen. There will be no need to give a bribe”

Daryna Kulichenko

Student of the Law Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University

“Unfortunately, there is no trust of law enforcement agencies, also because of corruption. We suggested introducing a whistle-blower protection programme, because any person, aware of a case of bribery, would be afraid for himself and his family”

Olga Kovalenko

Student of Poltava Law University

“Unfortunately, it’s impossible to eradicate corruption. However, it is possible to reduce it. We need to simplify bureaucracy procedures and to inform society. It would be good if bribe takers were forced to clean the streets. Then people would know their faces.”

Anna Symonova

Student of Odesa University of Internal Affairs

“One of the reasons for corruption is the low standard of living.  People should be socially protected, first of all, and to get decent salaries. This would help to reduce corruption, in particular in law enforcement agencies”