January 2021

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EUAM presents best techniques in interviewing children for criminal proceedings

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Digest: the best moments of the Online Safety Conference 2020
EUAM advises on de-escalation techniques that ‘can save officers’ and citizens’ lives’

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EU and UNOPS provide Donbas police with life-saving first aid kits

Woman Police Officer shares her views on Community Policing and Inclusiveness

“Community Safety is when everyone feels safe, that there is no threat to their life, freedom, family and property. This includes safety in the street and in public places, as well as the possibility of safely getting to school, work and leisure..” 
Ukraine’s vibrant civil-society sector plays a critical role in advocating for reform in the civilian security sector, and reform more generally. That is why the EU Advisory Mission (EUAM Ukraine) decided to launch the #AgentsofChangeseries, meeting with inspiring men and women who try to change the rules of the game in the country by carrying out inclusive projects and by taking action in their community. Deputy/Assistant of the Head of the Main Department of the National Police of Ukraine (NPU) in Kyiv, Olha Yuskevich here answers to the questions of Brendan Harkness, EUAM General Policing Adviser.

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Children express their vision for human rights on face masks

Human rights is a more challenging issue with the ongoing pandemic. Which is why The European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) has teamed up with the National Police Department of Juvenile Protection for an awareness campaign to inform children about Human Rights. Kids from special centres and schools of Kyiv region and Mariupol became participants of the awareness raising campaign.
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