February 2021

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EUAM builds a community of practitioners who share common vision for reform

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EU and UNOPS enhance regional prosecutors’ technical capacity in view of the COVID-19 pandemic
EUAM helps SBGS launch info campaign to address smuggling in western Ukraine

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Police in Donetsk region receives instructions on usage of donated first aid kits

Olga Aivazovska, Opora: Ukraine ‘needs to strive for building strong legal institutions’

“We joined our efforts with law-enforcement staff to analyse their actions and court practices, and to develop changes that would bring to justice persons guilty of violating voting rights or procedures.” 
Ukraine’s vibrant civil-society sector plays a critical role in advocating for reform in the civilian security sector, and reform more generally. That is why the EU Advisory Mission (EUAM Ukraine) decided to launch the #AgentsofChangeseries, meeting with inspiring men and women who try to change the rules of the game in the country by carrying out inclusive projects and by taking action in their community. The Chairperson of the civil network Opora (“support” in Ukrainian), Olga Aivazovska, here shares her views on democratic progress and her commitment to electoral legislation reform in Ukraine.

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Infographics: the 4 pillars of community policing

Upright, reliable, courageous and binding: these are the four pillars that every law enforcement agent needs to share to perform on the field. All around Ukraine, EU Advisory Mission Ukraine (EUAM) advisers on Community Policing aim to improve trust between the citizens and law enforcement agencies. How? With training sessions with actual police officers and aspiring police officers, still studying at the Ministry of Internal Affairs Academy, helping them identify the core values that any police officer should always rely on.
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