October  2020

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EUAM hosts webinar on training sniffer dogs to detect COVID-19

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EUAM-Civil Society e-Talk: a human rights perspective for the platform’s first outing
Draft of new Criminal Code discussed at EUAM online conference

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EUAM examines tactics to reduce corruption risks within core police units

#THOSEWHOCAN project teaches gender culture to schoolchildren

“Speaking about [gender] mainstreaming, we should be asking ourselves where exactly and what are we really mainstreaming. In my case, it’s about mainstreaming gender aspects in the educational processes, it’s about changing those ideological phenomena that exist in the society.” 
In the latest episode of #Agentsofchange, we speak to the author of #THOSEWHOCAN grant project dedicated to gender equality and gender mainstreaming. The project idea has been developed by Khrystyna Boichuk, fifth year cadet at the humanitarian department of the National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine (NANGU). In this interview, Khrystyna tells us how her project won funding at the competition organised by the Gender Culture Centre – a platform for enhancing women’s and youth’s rights and capabilities (GCC) funded by the European Union (EU). She also speaks about promotion of gender equality and gender culture among the cadets in Kharkiv and region, and shares some plans for the future.

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#IStandFor: an open and interactive project to align ourselves with our own values

A few weeks ago, EUAM opened a new Field Office in Mariupol with 20 experts all committed to expediting the Security Sector Reform process in the region. On this occasion, the Mission held an open-day outreach event on the Theatre Square to support our law-enforcement agencies counterparts but also to put a face on their vital work. Among many different stands, one consisted of signboards positioned on easels to invite the public to choose their favourite theme within EUAM main topics (e.g. Road Traffic Safety or Ending Domestic Violence). For many people passing by, an opportunity to discover the Mission’s mandate, to pose for a picture but also to make a stand for core values we know we share.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325

The European Union, the United Nations and women’s organisations celebrate today two decades since the landmark resolution 1325 adopted by the UN Security Council for the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda. This resolution is historical in its approach as it urges all security actors to increase the participation of women in peace and security organisations, protect them from sexual and gender-based violence and incorporate a gender equality perspective in all its efforts. For EUAM Ukraine, this means considering how women and girls experience the security sector and the service it provides and then taking this into account when providing strategic advice and developing plans and activities.
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