June 2020

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International Children’s Day: Nordic ‘Barnahus’ model serves interests of kids in legal trials

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Danish and Portuguese police give Donetsk officers flavour of life under lockdown

Zero Corruption Police: speakers ask if true reform is ‘mission impossible’

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Law on misdemeanors: simplified approach to save justice system time and money

Protecting the border during Covid-19: EUAM advisor and SBGS Head reflect

“The tasks and powers of border guards remain mainly the same as they were before, namely: protection of the state border, fighting cross-border crime, border traffic control,implementation of international agreements.” 
There is nobody untouched by Covid-19 or the restrictions imposed by it. Among those who needed to adapt quickly were the border guard services around Europe. Here we ask Marta Zarecka, Head of the Border and Customs Unit at the EU Advisory Mission Ukraine (EUAM), and Serhiy Deineko, Head of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, how they have coped over the past few weeks of lockdown.

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#PrideMonth: 10 facts you may not know about the ‘Pride March’

Each June, in many cities around the world, Pride marches are organised to celebrate self-acceptance and defend the legal rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders and others (LGBT+). In every continent, sexual and gender minorities but also allies get together in these outdoor events to recognize the work of human rights activists and keep on mobilising civil society. But why do these marches always happen in June? Here are 10 things you did not know about it.

Cyber crime: lockdown is boom time for phishing

The world has changed fast, and that includes organised crime. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that what was unthinkable before is now common. EUAM is producing a series of videos to raise awareness of cyber-crime. The first video addresses the phenomenon known as ‘phishing’.
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