March 2021 

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#InternationalWomensDay: EUAM supports women’s leadership in the civilian security sector

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Buckle up… and save your life

EUAM discussion: cyber threats for women not always seen through a webcam

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EUAM and State Customs Service open a new page of cooperation

StratComms: ‘Citizen-government dialogue is more crucial to the reform process than ever before’

“Strategic Communications (StratComms or StratCom) should not be confused with “communication strategy”. Whereas a communication strategy is a product(often a document) describing how communication can support an institution’s overarching strategy, strategic communication is a process.” 
Since its launch in 2014, the European Union Advisory Mission in Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine) has progressively expanded the field expertise it shares with its Ukrainian counterparts. In a joint effort to further the civilian security sector reform process, the Mission’s experts offer advice and mentoring in areas such as Domestic Security, Policing, Judiciary, Anti-Corruption, and Human Rights but also Strategic Communications. Here, one of EUAM Ukraine’s Strategic Communications Advisers, Hasse Resenbro, answers questions about this specialized subject and details how the Mission is investing in strengthening the “StratComms” capacity within its counterparts.

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She is inspiring others and we are inspired by her

Victoriia Azarova is a Colonel in the National Police of Ukraine. In the national capital Kyiv, she has served as Head of the first Dialogue Police Unit in the country, used to facing angry crowds and even negotiating with terrorists. Her story of successful operations however reaches far beyond the peaceful territories of Ukraine, to areas where fighting continues to be a daily occurrence.

In the conflict zone of Donbas (the Eastern part of Ukraine), Victoriia served as Deputy Commander of a police regiment providing security in areas where the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity continues to be challenged by the Russian armed forces. In 2014, she was the only woman in Ukraine who held this position. For her dedicated service, Victoriia Azarova has been awarded by the President of Ukraine. She prefers not to concentrate on obstacles and inspires others to believe in themselves.

Victoriia Azarova participated in numerous training programs organised by the EU Advisory Mission in Ukraine (EUAM). She is the Mission’s reliable partner within the National Police of Ukraine. By joining the #InspiredByHer campaign Viktoriia hopes to stand against inequalities and to promote women’s full participation and leadership in public and political life.

‘Buckle Up — Don’t Get Terrified’ campaign: EUAM joins National Police to promote the use of seat belts

National Police of Ukraine (NPU) join forces with the European Union Advisory Mission Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine) in launching a new road traffic safety initiative, the ‘Buckle Up — Don’t Get Terrified’ campaign.

The campaign was announced during a joint press conference hosted by the police and EUAM Ukraine. It aims to raise awareness about the risk of injury and death caused by neglecting seat belt use, and to encourage Ukrainians to buckle up when riding in a car, even as back seat passengers. The campaign targets adult car users and school children from 8 to 16 years of age.

The campaign runs from 17 March to mid-May 2021, starting in Kyiv and its suburbs and gradually expanding to other regional cities, including Odesa, Mariupol, Lviv, and Kharkiv. The activities in each region will continue for three weeks following the regional campaign launch week.
‘Buckle Up — Don’t Get Terrified’ campaign: EUAM joins National Police to promote the use of seat belts
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