April 2021 

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EUAM to support launch of Ukraine’s Bureau of Economic Security

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EUAM initiatives help to build partnership between police and community in Mariupol
EUAM gives a stronger voice to Ukraine’s Prosecution Service

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Donetsk State University of Internal Affairs: 60 years of education

Ukraine’s human rights strategy: will it bring real change?

“Implementation of and compliance with international standards in this field makes societies more democratic, equal, transparent, fair and peaceful. However, major visible changes take time.” 
EUAM’s Senior Human Rights and Minorities Advisor, Anna Lazzari from Italy, answers a few questions on the strength of Ukraine’s latest human-rights strategy, and what it might mean for citizens.

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Drone view of EUAM public order training

The EU Advisory Mission #EUAM last week delivered a five-day refresher training for 25 National Police officers from Kyiv and Lviv. All of them are trainers from Ukraine’s specialized police units who have previously undergone EUAM public-order training. 

The training will shortly be cascaded to their colleagues in Kharkiv, Odesa and Dnipro. It is being delivered within the PRAVO-Police programme, which is funded by the European Union and implemented by UNOPS.

Infographics: United against hate crime

Since December 2020, the EU Advisory Mission (EUAM Ukraine) has been carrying out a project to improve the civilian security sector’s response to hate crime. Following training support given to senior management Ukraine’s National Police of Ukraine (NPU) and Ministry of Internal Affairs (MoIA), the Mission is now developing a public awareness campaign on victim’s rights and meeting with the local authorities and civil society representatives in the regions.
But how does ‘hate crime’ differ from regular crime? And how should it be tackled? The infographic below tries to answer some of those questions.
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