September  2020

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Equipment worth over €200,000 boosts police training capacity across Ukraine

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EUAM shares ways to build citizens’ trust with a new generation of police officers
EUAM welcomes the EU High Representative/Vice-President Borrell

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EUAM expands its activities to the Donetsk region with a fourth Field Office in Mariupol

EUAM Task Force on Digital Transformation and Innovation

“Rapid technological progress is having a substantial impact on any society, including on how law enforcement agencies operate and interact with citizens. Ukraine had been prioritizing digitalisation activities already before the recent developments.” 
The European Union Advisory Mission Ukraine (EUAM) recognizes the importance of digital transformation and has supported related activities across the civilian security sector for years. To assist its Ukrainian partners to cope with the challenges that arose following the outbreak of COVID-19, the Mission furthermore established a Task Force on Digital Transformation and Innovation, to align its advice and support activities to the new realities.

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EUAM brings community policing to 15 tourist police stations in Odesa

This summer, from July to September, all 15 tourist police stations located along the Black Sea coast, in Odesa region, had visits from Community Policing advisors from EUAM. Together, they discussed the working conditions, the workforce and the common challenges the tourist-oriented police staff is facing.

Officers from the National Police of Ukraine (NPU) are typically seconded to these stations to ensure community safety. Depending on the area of responsibility, one station can keep on duty between two and 42 tourist police officers. To reach the different tourist sites, they work in coordination with the Patrol Police and the National Guard of Ukraine (NGU) using patrol cars, bicycles, electrical vehicles, but most of the time do so on foot patrols.

#EUUkraine: Mariupol Field Office, a new foundation stone to the EU support to the East of Ukraine

On the 25th of September, EUAM Ukraine inaugurated a new Field Office in Mariupol, Donetsk region. A big step forward for the implementation of the Mission’s mandate but also for the EU support to East of Ukraine. Today, as EU-Ukraine leaders meet in Brussels for their 22nd summit, our 20 EUAM experts are all equally committed to expediting the reform process in Mariupol, through strategic advice and practical support.
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