February 2020

State of Reforms: a political overview

President Zelenskyi decided to re-shuffle the government after a large drop in political support for the Honcharuk Cabinet and the scandal connected to the leaked tapes of the Prime Minister and his economic/financial team at the beginning of the year. According to the President, the main reasons for the re-shuffle is the dire straits of public finance, which is connected to the strong local currency, the downturn in industrial output, as well as the poor results with regard to customs reform. The new cabinet is a mix of managers with more state (and business) management experience. The rather chaotic way in which the President’s Office handled the government re-shuffle suggests that Ukraine’s new rulers are getting increasingly nervous about the lack of results, and the lack of experienced and untainted candidates to fill a number of vacant government positions.

EUAM news

Kirovograd region Police invites NGOs to join Citizen Council

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EUAM community safety initiative gets up and running in Lviv
Media-police relationship is ineffective without trust, Lviv workshop hears

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EUAM trains and donates equipment to forensic experts in Donetsk region

How to prove a case to a judge: tell a good story!

Courtroom advocacy – the art of persuasion needed by prosecutors – is not just about knowledge, it is also a skill. EUAM has conducted several workshops on advocacy for Ukrainian prosecutors, most recently in Lviv, where prosecutors worked on delivering case presentations to the court in a structured and logical way – the objective being to shape an argument that sticks and convinces.
The technique of storytelling is to a large extent based on the ancient fundamentals of rhetoric, which goes back to ancient Greece and Aristotle’s modes of persuasion: ethos, logos, and pathos.

Domestic violence: what to do and where to call for help

Above all other places, the feeling of security for citizens must start in the home. But for thousands of people in Ukraine and worldwide, the home does not offer the protection that it should. EUAM has been working with partners in Ukraine to improve mitigation and response measures in order to tackle domestic violence. This, the first of a series of explainer videos on the subject, gives a few general pointers for potential victims.
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