January 2020

State of Reforms: a political overview

Recent survey data indicates that within Ukraine’s Civilian Security Sector, the court system and Prosecution Service remain the most mistrusted entities – at 75.1% and 68.8% levels of mistrust respectively. After slight improvements in November 2019, trust has again decreased in both cases, although these numbers still represent an improvement compared with 2018. This suggest that the authorities still have a window of opportunity to carry out reforms in these areas. 
Public trust in the National Police (45%) and the Patrol Police (44.8%) is now at its highest level ever. Meanwhile, the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) is trusted by 41.9%, which is also the highest recorded since the beginning of the reform process, although mistrust in the SSU (44.7%) also remains high.  
In terms of the public’s reform perception and expectations, it is evident that expectations have increased with regard to the president (from 24% to 60%) and the parliamentary majority (from 10% to 30%). Hopes are now vested more in the national authorities than in the international community, with the perception of the West as reform driver having decreased from 25% to 12%.  With the president so central to this shift in expectations, it suggests that for now EU efforts should focus on supporting locally derived reform initiatives.

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EUAM brings domestic violence actors together in Kharkiv region

Ukraine passed new national legislation on domestic violence at the end of 2018, which entered into force at the beginning of 2019. On the back of that, EUAM has brought together the various agencies that play a role in combating domestic violence: namely the NPU, prosecution, regional state administration, and social services. These workshops, which will continue to be rolled out in different localities in Kharkiv oblast until April, cover the entire ‘cycle’ of domestic violence, from the legal framework to psychological aspects, case studies, and mechanisms of cooperation to prevent domestic violence. There are an estimated over one million female victims of domestic violence in Ukraine.

Domestic violence seminar in Kharkiv region

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