July 2019
Police and civil society share EUAM dialogue platform ahead of July elections

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EUAM donates mobile printers to Odesa police to help increase efficiency and reduce corruption risks

Ukraine’s parliamentary elections: EUAM advisors hopeful of a repeat success as citizens go to polls

The requests we received from our partners in the National Police of Ukraine differ from region to region. No area faces exactly the same issues."
Ukraine successfully organised two rounds of a presidential election on 31 March and 21 April and is currently preparing for parliamentary elections on 21 July. The EU Advisory Mission Ukraine (EUAM), along with other international donors, has been asked by its Ukrainian partners for support in order to protect the integrity of this year’s elections and ensure they are free and fair.  

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What Ukrainian police can learn from their Portuguese counterparts

The law-enforcement system of Portugal differs to the one in Ukraine. The Portuguese Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) is a gendarmerie force that encompasses not only policing, but other security-related functions such as emergency-situations response or border guarding. “Analysis-based decision-making and engagement with the community are at the core of the GNR’s work,” reflected Olena Serebrennikova and Andriy Burianski following their return from a study visit to Portugal organised by EUAM recently. During the study visit, 10 senior police officers from Kropyvnytskyi observed many useful approaches that could be replicated in Ukraine.
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