March 2019
Trilateral training: EUAM enhances border-security cooperation between police, customs and border guards

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EUAM launches first series of training for investigators of the State Bureau of Investigations
EUAM conducts pre-election training for police in Odesa, organises roundtable to discuss civilian security challenges and donates equipment
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EU refurbishes 20 police stations in Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkiv regions


Why victims of crime suffer twice in Ukraine

“Protection from secondary victimization is when the state protects the victim from negative psychological, material and legal consequences”
If you were unlucky to be a victim of a crime, then you were unlucky twice. Firstly, when you faced physical or moral suffering; and secondly, when the perpetrators are brought to justice. You would imagine that after any crime, victims should be helped to cope with the shock and suffering that goes with that, and all procedural actions should be compassionate. But in Ukraine, things are close to the contrary.

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Meet Andriy Malchenko, a Ukrainian dialogue police officer, in EUAM Partner Story

Andriy is one of over 1,000 dialogue police officers in Ukraine. He was among the first trained by the EU Advisory Mission to work as such. Andriy started his career in the old militia, and after the ‘Revolution of Dignity’ served in the conflict-torn eastern part of Ukraine before joining the dialogue police. Andriy’s optimism and belief in a European future is overwhelming. Find out more in our latest EUAM Partner Story.

SPRU: the project in numbers

The ‘Support for Police Reform in Ukraine’ (SPRU) project was launched two years ago. It was implemented by the Swedish Police and UNOPS, and supported by EUAM. The refurbishment of 20 police stations and handover of specialised public-order vehicles announced to media this week were among the project’s final actions

Ready for a detective story?

Investigators and crime-scene technicians from Kirovograd regional police worked hard this week to recreate real-life crime scenes during EUAM’s crime-scene management training. Actors were used to complicate “crime” scenarios that police officers then responded to. They also practised crime-scene protection methods, as it is important to prevent the loss of evidence, and interrogation techniques. The training was part of EUAM’s ongoing reform-support activity in Kirovograd region. 

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Criminal Investigation Practical Course
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