April 2019
EUAM Head of Mission tells new judges to ‘be brave’ in fight against corruption

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‘Expectations high’ for new police structure in Kirovohrad region
First EUAM-Frontex event lays foundation for Ukraine’s IBM Strategy 2020-25

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EUAM urges authorities to fill gap in legislation as performance evaluation pilot concludes

‘Not sharing information is a road to nowhere’

“At the moment, the level of trust between Ukrainian agencies is very low and competition between them is very high. Not sharing information is a road to nowhere.”
EUAM’s Head of Mission expressed this opinion at a conference dedicated to encouraging cooperation between different institutions in Ukraine’s civilian security sector. EUAM organised yesterday’s conference in order to bring together senior figures from Ukrainian and European civilian security sector institutions.

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EU ‘Support for Police Reform in Ukraine’

The EU ‘Support for Police Reform in Ukraine’ project was launched 2 years ago in order to make police more efficient and to increase public trust. Now, with the new policing approaches introduced, 420 police officers trained, 20 police stations renovated and new police cars donated, have a look how these results were achieved.

Sniffer dogs of Police, Border Guards and Customs get their own vehicles from EUAM

Dogs assist 90% of all drugs and explosives detected by the State Border Guard Service. They are irreplaceable when it comes to the disclosure of arms or chasing criminals. No wonder that there are over 2000 dogs serving in law enforcement agencies as they play a key role in detecting illegal substances and goods that are being smuggled into the country.
In order to assist these dedicated canine officers to fulfill their duties, EUAM donated today nine dog’s trailers to the National Police, the State Fiscal Service and the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. This will allow to move dogs around where they are needed and provide flexibility to the law enforcement agencies to quickly respond to particular needs. Check the pictures of the most attractive law enforcement officers in Ukraine.

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EUAM donated vehicles for sniffer dogs
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