October 2018
Polish ‘blue card’ system inspires police during EUAM study visit on domestic violence
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Ukrainian prosecutors modelling e-case concept on Lithuanian example meet with counterparts in Vilnius
Dialogue actors hope road safety initiative will lead to regional strategy for Odesa

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Optimism for dialogue policing trainees in Odesa after approval of public-order concept

Nobody joined the police to fill in forms. Why revisions to the Criminal Procedure Code are urgently needed

"... administrative burdens imposed by bureaucratic procedures are one of the major obstacles to creating effective law enforcement structures in Ukraine that enjoy public trust."
As a former police officer myself, I know few police officers who joined their police service with a dream of sitting behind a desk and filling in forms. Admittedly, a certain amount of paperwork is necessary to ensure that law enforcement agents do not violate human rights and to protect against unjust prosecutions. But few can argue against reducing the level of bureaucracy in law enforcement if it increases efficiency and doesn’t threaten the right to defence.

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Cars donated by EUAM help to police Chornobyl exclusion zone

“We do the same work as police in any other part of the country, just with some specifics” – this is how Ihor Artemchuk describes his work as Chief of Prevention Section of Chornobyl Nuclear Plant Zone police station, which patrols the large exclusion zone (home to 130 people today) established after the nuclear disaster in 1986. Vehicles donated by the EU Advisory Mission help them in their activities, which because there are no border guards at the border with Belarus in the exclusion zone, also includes protection of the border. Watch here, as we join this unique police unit on one of their daily patrols…

EUAM’s 5,000 police and MoIA trainees. Where they trained and what they trained in

EUAM has worked hard over the past two years in rolling out reform-oriented training programmes for Ukraine’s National Police and Ministry of Internal Affairs. This infographic elaborates on the geographical and thematic reach of that training
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